Personalized Safety Plan

Developing a safety plan is a critical step to leaving a relationship. While you may not have control over your partner's actions, you do have a choice about how to respond to him/her and how best to get you and your children to safety. We understand that you may be afraid, but remember you are not alone.

The following plan, available as a PDF, includes simple but critical steps to ensure your safety. Just click on the link below to open the PDF document. Then, simply print out the document and fill it out as completely as possible. Or, if you wish to save the PDF file, we recommend doing so on a computer not accessible by your abuser.

Remember to review this document often and keep it in a place only you know.

Download your personalized safety plan here.

If you would like to speak to an advocate about safety planning, please call our 24-Hour HelpLine at 216-391-HELP.