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Info about Safe & Sound Supervised Visitation Center

DVCAC's Safe and Sound Supervised Visitation Program is the premier supervised visitation center in Cuyahoga County with the expertise of dealing with non-custodial parents who are domestic violence offenders, as well as those who are challenged by mental health and other issues. For non-custodial parents dealing with significant life challenges which may impact their ability to safely and effectively care for their children, or where there are concerns about their ability to do so, this service helps build positive and satisfying relationships in a safe, comfortable environment. Children participating in the program benefit from knowing that their non-custodial parent cares for them and wish to be actively involved in their lives. Ensuring the safety of the children receiving services is the top priority of DVCAC’s Safe and Sound Visitation Center. By spending regular, quality time together positive relationships are formed and the parent/child bond is strengthened.

DVCAC also offers supervised exchanges through the program. During this process DVCAC handles the exchange from one parent or guardian to the other when supervised visitation is not mandated or desired but protection orders or other circumstances make such an arrangement necessary. This service is often a "step down" process for parents who were previously ordered to supervised visitation but have shown through the visits that they are ready to move on to the next step of spending unsupervised time with their child.

Clear guidelines help to insure the safety of all participants and the smooth functioning of the center. Parents are encouraged to focus positive energy on their visits with their children. Staff is available during office hours to discuss any concerns and answer questions. The Safe and Sound Supervised Visitation Center follows the best practice recommendations set forth in the U.S. Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women's " Guiding Principles for Safe Havens: Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange".

Hours of operation for the Visitation Center are by appointment only.

Hours vary. Day, evening and weekend hours are available.


Rena Minor at 216-229-2420 Ext 257 for enrollment and scheduling.

For Visitation Centers outside of Cuyahoga County, please visit


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