Emergency Shelter

DVCAC operates the only domestic violence emergency shelter in Cuyahoga County; accepting women and their children 24 hours a day in need of immediate relief from violence and abuse. The program works to meet the comprehensive needs of victims  who have been impacted by abuse and the first order of business is to take care of the basic needs: clothing, hygiene items, a bed and nutritious meals and snacks. The shelter strives to provide a warm, home-like atmosphere, where families can be comfortable and can begin to feel safe. Once settled, safety becomes the top priority of the program and protocols are designed to enhance safety and confidentiality throughout a participant’s stay. Access to the full cadre of trauma informed services for survivors and their families follows including support groups, art therapy, and personal advocacy.

DVCAC's Emergency Shelter serves over 350 women and children annually who are seeking a safe and violent-free life.