Patricia’s Story

For domestic violence survivor Patricia, DVCAC’s Justice System Advocacy program was not only transformational, it was literally life-saving. She grew up in a loving family, lived in Gates Mills, attended the University of Akron and was a special education teacher for 30 years. When she fell in love with the wrong person, she nearly lost her life. She was verbally and emotionally abused, beaten severely and left to die. Patricia was scared but determined to survive. With the help of DVCAC’s Justice System Advocacy program she found the courage to face her abuser in court and helped send her batterer to prison. Patricia sought counseling and for two years she attended the DVCAC’s weekly support group where she shared her story, learned from others, and regained the confidence she needed to move forward with her life. Today, Patricia is strong and thriving. “My abuser beat me down physically and almost killed me, but it did not steal my joy for life.”

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